Zero Loss Formula Review

I am damn sure that you got mail from Zero Formula Team about this system & you decided to check it’s review first before taking any decision. Right? Well, don’t worry as in this post we will be sharing totally unbiased Zero Loss Formula review. Moreover, a good binary options trader is that trader only who is always aware of what’s legit and what’s scam. All of you are aware of the fact that Auto Traders are really profitable, if and only if you are using a legit auto trader. Right?

So the main problem is where to find a legit BO software that actually provide winning signals as 95% of systems which are available on web are scam actually. Don’t worry we will be going to help you in finding a genuine and legit binary options auto trader.

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Zero Loss Formula Scam Review

So without wasting any moment further, let’s move on to Zero Loss Formula Scam review.

System Name: Zero Loss Formula

CEO: Peter Morgan

Winning Rate: 100%

Price: Free

Scam Percentage: 100%


Trading Options: Auto trading & Manual trading.

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First Look of Zero Loss Formula

Even on first look of Zero Loss Formula, our team raised many red flags on this system. Here’s what happened actually.

When you will visit their website, you will be welcomed by a video which gets auto-played and there is no option to pause it as well. Well the video starts with an old aged man who sits in Airplane from car. Next scene was at his home most probably. Then he started telling about features of Zero Loss Formula that it is real money making opportunity and they are opening their doors for 50 beta testers again. He also states that in 2012 he had opened their doors for 50 people and all of them are millionaire.

Then few guys gave their testimonial about this system (which I will discuss later in this review). Well, Peter Morgan Claims that this software has made pure profits of more than 1B$ as of now which is again unrealistic thing. This system provides two ways of trading – Manual Trading and Auto Trading.

In the video, he explains how we can join this system but seems like he forget to discuss backend things about this system. They have not disclosed any algorithm or anything on the basis of which they claims that their system is providing that unrealistic winning rate. So, let’s move to our review points section in which we will list what we actually think of this system.

100% ITM Rate. Real or Bogus Promise?

Well all of you guys are well aware that it’s impossible for any auto-trader to have 100% winning rate in BO. As all latest news and happenings are not captured by an Auto-Trader, that’s why it’s even difficult to get Winning Rate of around 95%. So for what you are waiting now? I guess you rough idea now that this system does not seems to be legit. But, we will not stop here we will be going to share many things which will prove that this system is a scam.

Rush Sale Tactics

They are using Rush Sale Tactics on their blog. Yeah! If you don’t know about it, don’t worry at all. It’s basically a technique in which website owner some special widgets which will show that only few spots are left or a limit time timer as well. All these things are fake. If you don’t believe us then open their website in your browser. Now, Open incognito mode and open that website again and it will again start from default timer.


Zero Loss Holdings Does Not Exist

In the video, he states in the video about his company of which he is founder. We tried our best to find about this company, but we didn’t find anything about their company. Seems like his company is not registered on this planet. Maybe, their headquarter is located on Mars planet.

Software from 2007. Really?

They have listed in the video that their company is available since 2007. So, we decided to find out how much truth is there in his statement. We had checked detail of their website and got one more solid proof against this scam.

Check out below screenshot from whois

Their domain is registered last month so how they had 50 beta testers since 2007? So again this thing conflicts with what Mr. Peter had said in his video about their system. Seems like Mr. Peter had not said anything truth about their system actually.

Fake Testimonials

So this thing just proved that it is a scam system. Yes!! They are using fake testimonials on their website just to proves authenticity of their system which is VERY common in scam systems. Check out below screenshot which is taken from This guy is providing fake testimonials for just 5$. So just think how many millions are made by this testimonial.

fake testimonials

Conclusion: Try this system if you don’t love your bank balance.

So it’s quite obvious now that Zero Loss Formula is a scam software. I am damn sure that atleast you are not going to open website of that scam system again. So, I hope this review helped you in saving your 250$.

What do you think about Zero Loss Formula software? We would like to listed about it from you guys.

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