Instant Cash Club Review

In binary options trading, Instant Cash Club is a new name that just included a few days ago. They claim to be the binary trader who runs on fully auto trade and brings you a huge set of profit and made you a millionaire within a few days.

But, the real fact is, Instant Cash Club is a Scam system which based on false promises, fake claims, misleading information, paid actors etc. In fact, they have all the characteristics that an ideal Scam system must have. And for the recent few hours, it goes viral among the online traders as they sending random emails. So, it might be possible that you also could get the invitation from this scammers with fabricated claims and offers.

So, to make you aware of this filthy scam system, we made the Instant Cash Club Review. If you are reading this, it means you are smart enough and chooses the right way to judge the system before getting involve with it. Read this Instant Cash Club review and get to know more about the scam in detail.

Instant Cash Club Review – Scam Exposed:

In the Instant cash club website, you will meet with the representer of the system and he named himself ‘Jim Robinson’. As per him, Instant Cash Club is owned by Thomas Jordan and Andrew who are the expert binary options traders and the duos developed this money making auto trade trading system. According to, Jim Robinson, he met with Thomas Jordan almost 2 years ago and that was his good luck that he became a prosperous person now with Instant Cash Club. Also, he claims, they are giving the opportunity to earn with their system – “Instant Cash Club” for free of charge and that too for a limited amount of time as there are only 30 places left for joining.


Jim also states that he learned to trade from Thomas who earlier worked as a Wall Street Trader for more than a decade. And now, with this Instant Cash Club system, Jim has able to made more than one and a half million USD within just 6 months. Furthermore, he states anyone can try this system as it doesn’t require any prior trading knowledge and experience. According to him, a beginner in online trading with no prior knowledge of trading can able to make not less than $10,000 per day and that too on completely auto trade mode using Instant Cash Club.Well, all are just a false claims and misleading information and now we are going to expose the scam system.

Exposing the Instant Cash Club Scam:

1. Fake Owner and presenter:

Let’s start with the presenter of the Instant Cash Club scam, Jim Robinson. He is definitely, not a regular guy who got the opportunity to become the millionaire. Actually, the name Jim Robinson is a fake, there’s no person exist in real with that name.


A few months ago, Jim (the said name) was seen with promoting other binary options trading system named “Altronix”.  And as expected, it was too a scam system with some fake promises and fabricated earning amounts. That means, the person named Jim is nothing but a paid actor who promotes any scam systems for money. Here, we have uploaded the image where Jim has been seen with promoting the Altronix Scam system.

2. Unrealistic claims:

Now, talking about the claim of earning $10,000 in a day of Instant Cash Club, we can say that, it’s an unrealistic earning figure which is not possible now with binary options trading even in near future too. A legitimate trading system can never claim like that much earning amount in a day. And as far as we understand binary options trading, the best auto trade software will not be able to make you earn not more than $900 in a day and that too when the software runs at its best.


Moreover, you just can’t earn over millions of USDs within 6 months in trading. what he says is just misleading information and full of lies to violate your minds.

3. Fresh domain:

 And the best part about Instant Cash Club website, that we got to know that, the website is just a few days old. Yes! We know, that’s really a shocking information. When we investigate on their website, we found that it was registered on 20th September 2016, that is 9 days ago while writing this review.


Now, a system which is merely a few days old, how it can help Jim to become a millionaire and that too within a 6 month. Well, that’s sound really funny.

So, that’s a strong evidence against the system which proves they are lying and the system is a fake one.

4. Using stock images: 

Our next evidence is, they have stolen pictures of persons from Shutterstock or some other places and used them on their website as a testimonial. It means the website of Instant Cash Club shows fake testimonials.  In one of the testimonial, a lady named ‘Kathy P.’ was seen with some monthly earning figure.


But, the real fact is, she is not the part of this scam system. The scammers have stolen her picture, might be from some social media sites and put it on their website.

5. False information given in video: 

In the promotional video, Jim has told us that the system is free and even he will show you a live trade on the video with some deposit which will be given to you for free. The real fact is, it was a fake trade which was set up for attracting new investors. And even the balance is not real, it’s just a virtual one. Also, you need to deposit a minimum of $250 to start the trade with them.


If you invest on Instant Cash Club, you will be going to lose your money. That’s so simple. So, you are advised to stay away from Instant Cash Club scam system as far as possible. Instead of joining this scam system, you can join Code Fibo app, which is performing really well.

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