Yoga Burn Review – My Unbiased Review Of This Program!

If you’re looking for a way to lose weight, practice yoga, and become healthier, then Yoga Burn is definitely the right product for you. Yoga Burn is a workout program that is designed to assist women in losing weight effectively and toning their body. It is mainly based on the concept of dynamic sequencing which teaches people how to use certain yoga poses to shape their body.

The reason why Yoga Burn is becoming increasingly popular is because it helps women effectively lose weight without any harsh cardio exercises, and while engaging in calm yoga which does wonders for their emotional well being as well. The program includes nine videos, with each one being 45 minutes long. The videos are divided into three sections which are foundational, transitional, and mastery flows. This article is going to include a detailed description of Yoga Burn so potential customers have all the information they need to make their decision. So before heading to Yoga Burn review further, let me tell you about the creator of the Yoga Burn program – Zoe Bray Cotton.

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Who is Zoe Bray Cotton?

The product is created by Zoe Bray Cotton, one of the leading yogis and personal trainers in the world. She has been helping thousands of women lose weight and practiced yoga during the past few years. The main reason why she has gained so much popularity and is considered to be the best is because she only uses natural ways to improve your physical and emotional condition. She also takes things very slow which enables women to get used to the different exercises and yoga postures. This is why many women successfully finish the program without feeling tired or burnout along the way.

Yoga Burn Review – Another Scam?

One of the best things about Yoga Burn is that it has many benefits at the same time, where users will be able to tone their body, lose weight, and implement dynamic sequencing which has endless health benefits.

Yoga Burn works by enabling you to lose weight and relieve stress, boost metabolism, and tone up your body at the same time. It is a life changing guide that is going to enable you to finally improve the quality of your health and life using dynamic sequencing. The program is currently divided into three parts, with each part designed to challenge the person using it and their body. Yoga is also one of the most beneficial types of exercises in the world so Yoga Burn users will definitely gain many benefits.

yoga burn review

Yoga Burn is perhaps the only weight lose process that incorporates dynamic sequencing. It is a technique where you will learn how to correctly perform each type of movement and then the challenge will intensify as the levels progress. This is going to enable your body to effectively adapt to every movement and change, which in turn prevents you from feeling sore or burn out throughout the program.

The 12 weeks are divided into 3 different stages, and each stage is of four weeks. The best thing about this program is that there are videos and detailed guidelines in every stage. So if you’re a beginner, there is absolutely nothing to worry about.

Zoe Bray-Cotton explains that there is a really strong connection between our awareness and body and this is why the two should always be sync with each other. The program is divided into three different stages which are foundational, transitional, and mastery flow. The three stages are based on dynamic sequencing. Every stage is going to prepare you for the next one which is very beneficial for beginners who don’t have a lot of experience with yoga and exercise. The three stages are:-

1. Foundational Flow

The first stage of Yoga Burn is mainly focused on building a foundation and understanding yoga poses. There are three workout videos in the foundational flow stage where Zoe teaches the way to perform every type of pose and its benefits.

2. Transitional Flow

After building an excellent foundation, it is an important part of the program to continuously tone muscles up, enhance flexibility, and to further enhance the power that you gained during the first four weeks. This is where the second stage really starts. The three videos are mainly aimed at upper, lower, and core body where users will be able to combine all the different yoga poses and follow a rhythm with various transitions between various sequences.

3. Mastery Flow

This is perhaps the most challenging part and it includes taking things to a completely higher level. Many people who have been following the stages and videos in the correct order didn’t really find a significant issue though. Created to build of stamina, you are going to be provided with the tools you require to master the yoga poses and tailor them based on what work the best for your body.

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Pros Of Yoga Burn:

The pros of the program include:-

  • The program tailors to personal needs. Whether you want to practice yoga, lose weight, or improve your emotional well being, there is something there for you.
  • Yoga Burn will decrease levels of stress and induce relaxation, unlike other types of programs which only focus on losing weight.
  • You can practice it from the convenience of your own home and time.
  • The levels intensify slowly so you have nothing to worry about if you are a beginner or if you didn’t work out previously.
  • Not only are you going to lose weight, but you are going to improve your emotional well being as well.

Cons Of Yoga Burn Reviewed:

  • It is important that you follow all the different strategic routines that are in the videos so you the best results. Make sure you follow the levels and video sequences to avoid feeling burn out.

Is Yoga Burn A Scam?

I can safely say that Yoga Burn is 100% not a scam and is actually one of the best weight loss and toning products in the market right now. There is a reason why this product is considered to be one of the best weight loss products in the market right now. I believe what proves even more that it isn’t a scam is the money back guarantee, which is going to be explained in more detail in the next section.

How To Download Yoga Burn?

You can purchase it from

You aren’t going to be able to find it on Amazon or another place so the only place to buy it from is the official website. As mentioned previously, there is a money back guarantee. There is a 60 days money back guarantee and this means that you are going to be able to return the product and get your money back if you feel like it isn’t suitable for you. This just proves how confident Zoe is in the product she is offering and that she knows exactly what she is doing.

You are going to receive three bonus collections and bonus videos as well when you make your purchase. The price is from $37 to $57 in addition to shipping, based on the package you choose. Yoga Burn is also available as a physical collection on DVD and to be downloaded as a digital format as a well from their website after you have made a purchase.

Once you purchase the product and receive it, make sure you take your time to read about it and all the different guidelines before you start. I would also recommend following the videos and exercises as described and not skipping one of them because you didn’t like it or you are feeling too lazy.

Final Verdict Of Yoga Burn Review

If followed correctly, Yoga burn is definitely the product you need to lose weight, tone your body, practice yoga, and improve your overall emotional well being. There are very few products on the market right now that offer this. I have been looking for a product like this for a while and I have to admit that I haven’t found anything like Yoga Burn or as effective as it is in the market.

Even though it is definitely going to work out for you and change your life, you will be able to return the product if it doesn’t work out for you. Not only does this show how honest Zoe is, it also shows how confident she is in the product she is offering which is always a great sign. However, I am more than confident that this product is going to change your life and will improve you both physically and emotionally. There is nothing better than changing your life from the comfort of your own home. I hope this Yoga Burn Review helped you in taking right decision.

1 Hour Belly Blast Diet Review – Another Scam Or Real Program?

The “1 Hour Belly Blast Diet” is the trendy weight loss program for every individual who is battling with excess weight and its associated diseases. This diet was founded and created by Dan Long to help those who have tried losing belly fats with other methods that proved futile.

Being overweight is never the plan of anybody but sometimes, you may gradually gain more weight than you can imagine. It wouldn’t have been an issue if there were no downside to it. Unfortunately, excess weight is the main cause of so many diseases worldwide.

So if you are overweight and interested in being healthy till your old age, this 1-hour Belly Blast diet is for you. Following the diet will help you to get rid of those fats that are making your waistline to be bloated and uncomfortable.

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Lets’ go ahead to find out what the 1 Hour Belly Blast Diet is and how you can benefit from Dan Long Diet program in our 1 Hour Belly Blast Diet Review.

Features of 1 Hour Belly Blast Diet

There are some unique features of this program which make it effective and less stressful than other weight loss programs.

  • It introduces the “Diet Induced Thermogenesis”

This helps users of the 1-hour Belly Blast diet to know the accurate amount of calories which every food can burn. The measurement is in percentage and a high value on any food means that it is a fat burning food. So, users of the Dan Long diet program has access to many foods that accelerate the speed at which calories are converted to energy in their body.

One good thing about these foods is that they can help you to avoid diseases like diabetes, obesity and other heart conditions which are all associated with overweight.

  • It gives users the ability to time their intake of food.

You see, it is not enough that you have access to many of your favorite foods included in the 1-hour Belly Blast Diet, you also need to know the right time to take any food so that the right nutrient will reach the body when it requires it.

It is a common knowledge that the type and timing of food which we introduce to the body affects our digestive system. So in order to stay healthy, functional and slim, you need the ability to control the nutrients that you introduce to your body every day.

Therefore, with the 1 Hour Belly Blast Diet, you will have the ability to introduce the right foods in a timely manner to get the best out of your diet.

  • It introduces the user to the overfeeding principle.

The Dan Long Diet approach helps the users to stay focused on their cheat days by giving them an hour to overfeed as a way to lose belly fats.

  • It also presents dieters with a list that contains that food that combats cardiovascular diseases and diabetes.

The foods also help people who wish to reverse or reduce the impacts of some diseases which are eating their lives away. So, using the foods in the “1 Hour Belly Blast Diet” can help you to avoid getting fat, lose accumulated fats and stay healthy.

The Dan Long Diet program also offers users a recipe that can help them to stay healthy radiant and younger.

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Pros & Cons Of 1 Hour Belly Blast Diet

Well at this point, I’m sure that you are also convinced that there is something special about this diet plan. However, lets’ examine some of the advantages and disadvantages of the “1 Hour Belly Blast Diet”.

Pros Of One Hour Belly Blast Diet Program:

  • It is suitable for everyone.

Yes! It doesn’t matter how old or young you are. It works for all ages so you don’t need to worry about the effects of the diet on your age or body size.

  • It is easy to use

You see, you don’t have to eat some tasteless or flavorless food just because you want to lose weight or stay healthy. With this diet, you can eat your favorite food and still lose those stubborn fats. All you have to do is to follow the timing method so that you can control the nutrients that enter your body at every particular time.

  • The instructions are clear and simple.

Well, there is no confusing steps or instruction in the diet plan. Everything is spelled out to a layman’s understanding and also backed up with scientific principles that support every action.

  • There is no room for stress in the plan.

This may sound strange but some dieters have passed through a tremendous amount of stress while trying to be conscious of their food consumption. The anxiety over making mistakes and taking the wrong food can even lead to other ill health like a mental breakdown. The good news is that Dan Long diet is not stressful instead, it helps to reduce tension and anxiety.

  • You don’t need to exercise.

Unlike other weight loss programs that instruct dieter to work out in the gym for thirty minutes every day, this plan doesn’t need that. Instead, you are instructed to allow your body to enjoy the much-needed rest every day.

  • There are no drugs to take.

Well, you don’t have to swallow any tablet or syrup. All you need to do is to eat some healthy foods at the right time in order to stay healthy.

  • The book is affordable.

This book is for both low-income earners and the rich in the society. You don’t have to hear about it but you can make an investment for your own copy with having any dent in your income.

Some other advantages of these diet plan are that you get to eat your favorite foods and still lose weight. Isn’t that amazing? Also, you don’t need to be afraid of any side effects because the Dan Long 1 Hour Diet is backed by scientific principles which you can easily look up on the Internet.

Apart from the advantages, there are a few downsides to this amazing diet plan though not much but we want you to know them.

Cons Of 1 Hour Belly Blast:

  • You must follow the instruction carefully.

In order to get the best result out of this diet plan, you have to follow the instructions very clearly. I don’t think that this will be a problem if you are determined to look trim, healthy and young.

  • The results are not the same

This is because some people don’t follow the process involved in the diet plan. If you want to get the best out of the “1-hour Belly Blast Diet” why not do what Dan Long said in the book and see if you will not get what you want.

  • It only comes as e-book

Yes! You can only download it because it is only available in the electronic form. The good thing is that this world is now a global village and through the Internet, we are all connected. So you can download the book from any part of the world and use it at your own convenience offline.

How “1 Hour Belly Blast Diet” Works?

The diet use three techniques to aid weight loss very fast. The first one helps users to use foods that promote fat burn and also help the body to convert calories from their foods to energy. These foods are found in the book and as dieter eat them, they help to combat the fats stored in the stomach.

The second element is the timing of the food. The diet enables users to control the introduction of nutrients into their body at a rate which enables the body to produce leptin which gives that feeling of being full even when you eat a little quantity of food.

The last element is the one-hour overfeeding principle which helps users to stay focused even on their cheat days.

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Is “1 Hour Belly Blast Diet” A Scam?

There is no scam to the “1 Hour Belly Blast Diet” We have studied the program in order to find out if there are areas or instructions that are confusing. The good news is that we found nothing but instructions backed by scientific principles which anybody can prove.

There are many testimonies from users everywhere on the Internet backed up with their “Before and after” pictures to show that the system works.

The truth is that the program is a simple and healthy way to lose fats and stay young. Moreover, they are also offering 60 days money back guarantee which is again a bold claim.

How to Download “1 Hour Belly Blast Diet”?

To download the 1 Hour Belly Blast Diet pdf, you can visit their official site at ( When you download the program, you will get 3 bonus packages and a 60-day guarantee to get your money back if you didn’t get the result you hoped for.

Real Testimonials

Darlene from Staten Island Lost 18 Pounds Of Belly Fat

Meagan from Indianapolis Lost 23 Pounds

Chris from New Jersey Lost 55 Pounds

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Final Verdict Of 1 Hour Belly Blast Diet Review

The “1 Hour Belly Blast Diet” is the best choice for everyone who wants to lose belly fat and stay healthy. The program follows a simple and effective plan which allows dieters to eat their favorite foods and still lose weight.

The book is affordable and easy to use. The three bonus package and money-back guarantee prove that the diet works and there are thousands of testimonies all over the Internet from people who have used and gained from it.

Therefore, if you want an easy and cost effective approach to losing unwanted fats, make an investment in the “1 Hour Belly Blast Diet”. The only thing you have to do is to make sure that you follow the instructions to get the best results.