Brexit Bot Review

A new binary options auto trader is launched recently and it’s name is Brexit Bot. Well, don’t confuse this system with Brexit Money Machine. Well, in this post we will review Brexit Bot software which is quite similar to Brexit Money Machines in one thing – i.e – both systems are scam actually. Both of them actually tried their best to take advantage of this tragedy in US.

Well this new system is presented by Paul Harrison. According to his claims, this system is based upon the recent tragedy which was occurred in UK. All of you must be aware of this strategy that UK is no more part of Europe now. So what it actually means for traders? How traders can take advantage from this tragedy. Well many traders took advantage in beginning. And that too because at that time the value of Pound got too much low but now value of Pound is again stable and Brexit tragedy is not going to profit you anyhow.

Well for now all we can say to you is that it’s a clear scam and you are not going to get any profit from this system. In this Brexit Bot review, we will give you many reasons that why you should stay away from Brexit Bot scam. I know all of you guys must got invitation about this scam in  your mail box. But we recommend you to atleast read this Brexit bot review completely to know more about this scam.

brexit bot scam

How it all started?

Well it all started with an unknown voice in pitch video of Brexit Bot. The narrator of that pitch video is Paul Harrison (What they are saying, but still all of their claims are uncertain).  Well he claims that he has made over 1 million dollars from last 6 weeks since this tragedy happened. He tells in video how this Brexit Bot is making him constant profit of atleast 20k$ per day without doing anything. He also told many things and features of this software like it is having 92.3% winning rate & in the end he also warned people that he is giving license of this software to 50 people only. So in other words, only those 50 people who will get license of Brexit Bot software will become a millionaire.

Algorithm of Brexit Bot?

Well don’t ask us about it. How we will get to know about it? Seems like Mr. Paul forgot to explain how his system works or maybe the algorithm of Brexit bot must not be in his script. In other words, Brexit bot is a scam system which has no definitive algorithm. It’s all just a setup of website with few plugins to take money of innocent traders by luring them with huge figures. Well, don’t worry we have many proofs to prove our statement true as well.

Why Brexit Bot is a scam?

Well the first thing which raised a red flag againt this system was exceptionally high winning rate. This system has winning rate of over 92% currently which is not possible in binary options as of now. No auto trader can attain that much winning rate in real. Most you can expect is 80% or max 85% winning rate. So we further investigated and found many things that proves that Brexit Bot is a scam.

Fake Testimonials

It’s no different case from most of the scam auto-traders. They generally use fake testimonials to prove their authenticity and gets caught most of the times. Well they are using fake actors from who provides fake testimonials for just 5$. Just think those people claim that they have made millions out of it but actually got 5$. That’s it. So how they guys will make you millionaire. It was one of the serious thing which raises a big red flag on the authenticity of this system. If Brexit Bot would be any legit system then why they will use fake testimonials? Don’t you think that. Why a legit system will need any fake testimonials in their pitch video. Moreover they can use that time to explain the algorithm of their software which would be a lot better than showing such fake testimonials. Check out below image, this guy is hired from fiverr to give a fake testimonial.

Here’s gig URL –

brexit bot fake testimonial

Exceptionally high ITM Rate

That’s one of the another reason we don’t want to trust this system. ITM Rate of 92% rate is simply not possible. So just stay away from this scam guys as this system foes not seems to  be authentic from any point of view. Moreover, we are not alone who are saying this thing. Many blogs are saying same thing: – Brexit Bot is a confirmed Scam!! Try this system to lose money. – There is not single reason that we should join this system. Stay away from such system guys.

Verdict: Brexit Bot does not seems to be legit.

It’s better to stay away from such auto traders as we have many trusted auto traders as well which is real money making systems. Thousands of traders are already making money from them. So would you like to risk your money with such systems? Ofcouse not! Join trusted systems like Binadroid 2 instead.

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