Quantum Code Review

If you’re wondering to invest money in binary options software named as Quantum Code that assure you 2 million dollars within your first month of using the software, then we suggest you to check our detailed review of Quantum Code.

Some of our daily readers are interested in investing in this trading software, but first, they need to know our verdict whether this binary options software is a Legit or SCAM. And if you’re reading this, then you’re also one out of them.
Now to give an answer to this question, we decided to cover a review of Quantum Code in which you’ll find out all the right information which you will require to take your decision. In the review you will read a little about software, its founder and reasons by which declare Quantum Code trading software a SCAM or Legit.

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Quantum Code Review

According to the video, Quantum Code is auto trader software available in the trading industry that assures users $10,000 a day just by clicking on the mouse. It is very easy to use, and ordinary users with no knowledge or using a computer and trading can easily turn himself into millionaire just in one month of using it.

quantum code review

The trading software is based on unique and latest technology identified as Near Quantum System (NQS) Technology. Due to this reason the software predictions are so active that you will always win the trade and will make the profit on each and every trade you place. The good thing about Quantum Code software is that it is completely automated.

To start trading using Quantum Code traders are required to make an initial deposit of $250 into trading account or associated broker account and the rest work of making a profit will be made the intelligent software.

But wait, it’s not the real thing, read this Quantum Code Scam review till end.

Man Behind Quantum Code Scam

Michael Crawford is the founder and owner of the Quantum Code trading software. He turned himself into a multi-millionaire using his trading software. He is so popular that popular financial news sites like Forbes have already featured him.

Because of his popularity in the trading industry and wealth, he has created using his unique ideas different users call him with various nicknamed like “The Nicest Rich Guy in the World,” “Wall Street Wizard” and “The Millionaire Trader.”

Note: All this information is shared in the demonstration video of the Quantum Code.

Sounds interesting, right? Now don’t fall for it because, in reality, all these things are a fake and big lie. We have personally analyzed everything about Quantum and come to know that not even a single thing Michael Crawford shared about him and his software is right. Even we manage to get lots of proofs which are sufficient to call Quantum Code a SCAM.

Quantum Code Software is a SCAM, Why? Check out the Proofs

Quantum Code is Perfect and Never Lose a Trade

The first lie we caught about Quantum Code is that it is perfect, and there is no chance that it will lose a trade. Now this is one of the biggest lies about this trading software. This statement is mostly used by fake trading software owners just to get attractions of the novice traders. We have mentioned this thing so many time in our past post that no genuine trading software is perfect, and if any software provides you this type of guarantee that you will not lose a trade, then it is a bogus binary options software.

So try to avoid these type of binary options.

Made One Billion in Last Ten Months is Fake Statement

Fake Michael Crawford mentioned that he had made around ten billion dollars in using Quantum Code in last ten months. Now this is another lie, and we have verified this thing by checking the domain registration information of the website. The owner acquires the domain thequantumcode.net on 12 June 2016 which confirms that site is just 40 days old. Now, this thing cleared one more doubt about Quantum Code.

quantum code scam

By above proof, we can say that the statement of making One Billion in last ten months is fake.

NQS is Fake Technology, Which Didn’t Exist

Sergei Ivanov, one of the team member of Quantum Code, shared in the pitch video that how this trading software works. According to him, Quantum Code software is based on latest NQS (Near Quantum System) technology which is unique, and due to this technology Quantum Code software will quickly purchase and sale the trades by making a profit before someone else will know about it.

No this is a weird explanation provided by him. Even we’re wondering that how NQS technology will help in predicting all these things? As this technology is new to us, so we decided to search for it on the web and guess what? We didn’t found anything about it. What we found is (Quantum Speed Reading) QSR technology that is recently launched by Japan and is used in social education.

We have no doubt in our mind that NQS is nothing but they have stolen the idea from QSR.

Michael Crawford is a Paid Presenter

As mentioned in the presentation video, Michael Crawford is multi-millionaire, is very popular among traders, known with different nicknames and is featured on popular financial magazine likes Forbes, right? Now this is an extra bogus statement; we didn’t found a single Michal Crawford in the result who is a millionaire, or belongs to the trading field. Even when we tried to search for him using his nickname we didn’t found anything.

All these things forced us to call Michael Crawford a Paid actor.

Fake Testimonials Providers

If you visit the official site and scroll down a little, then you’ll find a section where you will found out testimonials from the traders who already used Quantum Code and made lots of profit. After checking about both the beta testers, we come to know that both of them are Fiverr actors.

quantum code fake fiverr actors

So this confirms that the Michael Crawford also invited some fake paid actors for giving fake testimonials.

Update – The con artists behind Quantum Code are back with a new scam known as “Bitcoin Code“. Recently, this scam got exposed by Sofy in her Bitcoin Code Review.

What do We think About Quantum Code?

There’s no confusion in our mind that Quantum Code is a SCAM. All the things Michael Crawford shared about his trading software are fake. Even some popular trading sites like us have also declared Quantum Code a Bogus trading software.

By keeping all the things in mind, we’re not recommending Quantum Code to anyone. Stay apart from it.

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